Baby Shower: Time for Celebration

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There is usually more anxiety in the air when parents are expecting either for the first time or not, this anxiety is always coupled with celebrations. Admittedly, first time parents are usually more anxious than their already experienced counterparts. This is due to the fact that lots of information has to be known and a lot of items are as well needed.

The reason behind a baby shower is to create a special reunion of sort for family and friends to herald the arrival of the new born and to as well supply the expecting parents with must-have baby accessories. This is done to reduce the financial pressure faced by would-be parents.

Nowadays, a lot of people want to break out of the norm when preparing a baby shower, most of the time, the basic guidelines are still always in place. It has to be said though that today’s baby showers are not women only invites. Lots of men now take part and they do so with excitement and relish. Men who participate in these baby showers do so out of reverence for the new mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be and not to participate in games. Some men do participate in some of the games.

As a baby shower hostess, if an expectant mother comes from a cultural background where baby showers are regarded as bad luck, it is best to check with her to know her point of view before proceeding to organize a babyshower for her

Different culture with different ideas for baby showers, in some parts of the world baby showers are only done after the baby is born. This is a logical idea because guests get to see the baby they are celebrating and buy gifts appropriately to fit the gender of the baby in question. This is also important as gifts that need engraving can have all the needed details on it.

Even though the after baby birth baby shower makes sense, it is a daunting challenge for the new parents especially because the needs of the baby are definitely needed immediately the child is born. Thus, a baby shower organized before the baby is born makes better sense and is the most widely accepted method.

Every shower involves almost the same activities and is usually traditional. It involves creating and mailing guest lists invitations. Get a nice venue and decorating the venue as well. There has to be organization in terms of food, drink, games and other forms of entertainment.  Since it is a one-time event, there may be need to bring in a photographer, videographer and/or musician to make the occasion memorable.

It’s highly advisable for the baby shower hostess to draw up (and stick to) a feasible budget, since big attention to details and organization is very paramount in organizing a baby shower.

With adequate planning which includes a timeline and a budget, a special event like the baby shower can be made a success. It doesn’t require a genius.

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