A Quick Guide to Baby Scales


When a baby is born premature or has other medical problems at birth it’s very important to find out how much breast milk they are ingesting while feeding. Many health care providers will use the Medela Baby Weight Scale for determining the amount of breast milk they are taking in. The baby will be weighed, fed, and then weighed again. The difference between the two weights will tell the caretakers how much breast milk they ingested. The best scales are able to measure a difference as small as one-teaspoon. The ones used by medical professionals are very precise and expensive. A qualitybaby  scale can be found easily at a price that is more affordable for the average home.

It’s extremely important to accurately measure the weight of a newborn baby. The ensure consistent readings the child should be weighted on the same scale each time. There will be daily changes in their weight so it’s best that you weigh your baby weekly. This will allow you to monitor their progress and whether they are gaining or losing weight. If the child is having difficulty gaining weight then they need to be seen by a physician immediately.

If the baby is gaining weight, but not enough then you may need to re-evaulate how often and what you are feeding the infant. Are they being food enough times in the day? Have you decided to feed the infant breask milk, or are you using formula? Does your baby seem like they are full when you are done feeding them? Is the formula being mixed correctly? When the baby gets about six months old they start needing other supplements that come from solid foods. Is it time to start giving your child baby food? When they eat are they spitting a lot of it back up? Have you tried different kinds to find one they might like better?  Do they appear to have any allergies or problems digesting the food are serving them? If you’ve checked all of these things and it all seems to be normal, then you should take your child to see your doctor. The doctor will use their special baby scales to check their weight to ensure that your child is growing as they should.

Babies will double their size by four or fives months of age. However, there are certain medical conditions, such as congenital heart disease or defect, will make a child grow more slowly. This condition is caused when there are problems with the development of the heart or blood vessels surrounding the heart in utero. These children may only gain a pound or less in a month. They should also be monitored by a pediatrician to make sure the child is growing at an acceptable rate. They will also check for any other complications relating to their heart conditions or diet. These monthly checkups will help you to raise a happy, healthy child.


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