About Baby’s Separation Anxiety


A child’s separation anxiety can be an enjoyable experience for a new mother. For many mothers when their child is young they always want to be with their mother. They may cry, or fuss when they see her until she responds. Often they prefer to be with their mother instead of anyone else in the room.

It’s not always that way though, and each child reacts a little differently. A child that can’t be away from their parent at home, might not have any problem being dropped off at daycare. This can be difficult for some parents to understand. They are prepared for a crying fit that never happens. If a child is drawn to something else as the parent leaves it’s less likely that they will be upset over it. Mom or day might not take it so well. Instead of letting this upset you, it’s better to recognize that you have a curious child that wants to learn about whats going on around them.

Mothers that choose to breastfeed may have an easier time dealing with being separated from their child. These women get to spend time bonding with their child in others when they are together. This could help to keep the relationship strong, but also allow it to grow. Whether you breastfeed or not, you want to ensure that you are spending quality time with your child every day.

All parents and child will go through this stage. The timing may vary, but it is a normal part of the child’s development. It will require definitely require some patience from both parties. Each day will be different until everyone has adjusted. One day everything will be fine and they won’t make a sound. The next your child might be screaming like a banshee. A good tip is to always say goodbye and let them know you will return. Even the smallest infant will understand the comfort and love you are trying to relay. Doing this every time will reassure them that you will be back. It will also help to establish a nice routine to make things easier for them. You also don’t want to stall or wait to leave. Once you say you are leaving, it’s time to leave.

Leaving your child in the care of someone else is just another step in their life, but a big one. To make the separation go smoother find someone you trust and can develop a long-term relationship with. Going to the same caregiver every day will make it easier for your child to adjust, and give you peace of mind.

Some children may have a more difficult time dealing with being separated from their parent than others. If their separation anxiety seems to continue longer than other children or is getting worse than it might be time to seek professional help. A qualified counselor can give you and your child to the tools necessary to get past this issue successfully. These could include different types of therapy, counseling, medication or a combination of treatments.

This period won’t last long, so rather than allowing it to upset you, you should celebrate it. They won’t be small forever, so use this time wisely and make the most of it.


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