About us

We’re Mark and Jessica and we consider ourselves a fairly dynamic husband-wife duo.  Simply put, we’re dynamic because of our ability to change so quickly, so dramatically within a few months. Well, nine months to be more specific.

Some time ago, we were known for being the couple who partied on Sunday nights and rushed to work on Mon
day morning with a dark coffee in one hand and a phone in the other. We spent frivolously on eating out rather than dining in with home cooked meals. And while we’d purchased exercise equipment and planned to go to the gym every weekend, we never used our gear, never walked into the gym. Our concern about our physical health was nearly non-existent.

That is until we had our first child.

Suddenly, we went from “the clubbing couple” to parents concerned about the well-being of their child.  As parents, we learned that our lifestyles are our child’s lifestyle. What we do influences the unhealthy behaviors to continue on, unchallenged. With the birth of our daughter, we agreed to convert the energy, time, and money we spent on partying and restaurants to leading healthier lives.

The last thing we’d like to do is to make our journey from one end of the spectrum to the other sound easy. Fraught with turnpikes, creaky bridges and narrow passes, the road to a healthy lifestyle was a definite challenge. We ate healthier, bought organic, switched out our partying for spending time with our beautiful daughter, and minimalized our TV intake by attending local events.

Of all we changed about our unhealthy lifestyle, incorporating exercise into our new lives with a baby proved most difficult. How could we bring a baby to exercise with us? Both of us knew it wasn’t a viable option to haul our daughter to the gym with us and neither of us was willing to drop her off at her grandparents’ while we exercised.

Both of us wanted our daughter to grow up around a culture of not only eating healthily but also living healthily. We wanted her to grow up wanting to stay physically fit. We decided to research ways to include our daughter in our exercise routines. What we found was simple, but ultimately life-changing – a jogging stroller. With the jogging stroller, we were able to bring our daughter along through the park. Finally, our journey to becoming healthier was complete.

As our baby grew, her and our needs evolved and accumulated a lot more knowledge about various aspects of parenting. At some point, we decided that it will be a good idea to share our knowledge with other parents and we started AllForParents.com. This site concentrates on how jogging strollers and other tools and accessories can involve the entire family in healthful choices that last beyond a single lifetime. We’ve dynamically shifted the scope of our lives and our hope is that this site will help others become more dynamic at recalibrating their own lives with something as simple as good and timely information.