Baby Jogger City Versa – Jogging Stroller Review

Baby Jogger City Versa Stroller review

Exercise could turn the tide on obesity in the United States and often we here parents talking about not being able to take their children with them on their exercise trips due to lack of a good stroller that supports the child and can go across the terrain the parent loves to walk on. When a child is brought into their world, as a parent you want to give them their very best chance at life and creating healthy habits early on is most certainly the way to go. With diet choices and exercise keeping your family healthy is a great priority. The Baby Jogger City Versa Stroller is a great addition to any families exercise routine and can keep up with mommy, or daddy while strolling along.

No need to hold back on exercise…Just go!

Although not an all-terrain stroller, the City Versa is great for most of the places you want to take your little one. I personally am a walking through all terrain, however if I am feeling a bit sluggish it is much easier with this stroller to face the sidewalk and easier pavement. Walking is so healthy for your little one on so many different levels. The amount of stimulation a child gets while out and about helps with brain function and learning. In addition, teaching your child the healthy way to live at such an early age will help you ensure your child’s health, and there aren’t enough parents worried about that aspect lately.

Safety is important while walking with your young one and this stroller is considered very safe in the market. Remember while choosing a stroller for your family consider what you believe is needed for a day out, long distance, or mall shopping and chose a stroller that fits into your family’s finances and needs. This Jogger City is not meant for fast pace jogging, but does great for errands! This stroller also gives an important aspect to walking that not all strollers can is the ability for the stroller to be rear or forward facing. This means special bonding time while talking, walking, and cooing at your little one. That is exciting for both mom and dad!

Important Stroller Features

Baby Jogger City Versa jogging Stroller reviewImportant features come with the Baby Jogger City Versa such as the quick fold technology for easy folding and storage. This one handed ability means you can hold onto your little one while easily putting the stroller away and this can be done whether the stroller is facing forward or backward. With the folding ability the seat moves into the stroller for awesome compact size which means it saves space in the house or in the trunk of a car. This all wheel stroller suspension keeps bumps during the walk from jostling the little one. For all parents of different sizes the adjustable handlebar is set up to change for each individual person who uses the stroller. The maximum weight for this stroller is 50 lbs so be careful once your little one is over 50 lbs that weight limit is there for a reason.

The plush padding means this stroller is comfortable for children while they relax and no matter which direction the seat is facing there is a tilt to support smaller legs. An adjustable sun canopy is always helpful so your child can see in many directions without having to be directly in the sun. The eight inch quick release wheels are made from EVA, and have an all wheel suspension so the City Versa is both durable and smooth. Do not forget the exceptional parking break that is hand operated so you don’t have to worry as much, which is one great safety feature. One large and one under seat storage areas complete this wonderful stroller and keep you in a unique and fashionable walking style.

What parents think about Jogger City Versa Stroller

Parents are in love with the Baby Jogger City Versa for so many reasons. Social gatherings, easy exercise, mall trips, and more! Parents have raved about the Versa being as great as the other Jogger strollers but with all their favorite aspects in one package. The choices of color help parents decision with personalization for their special little ones. The comments keep coming in about the size of the baskets, the adjustable handlebar, and reversible reclining seat. Not mentioned above the peek-a-boo windows are magnetic which is super fantastic and everyone loves how easy that makes window viewing. Any parent knows that saving space once a child is born is necessary, and the Versa compacts to an amazingly small size and allows parents to carry their strollers and still have room for other items in their trunk, this is of course extremely important to everyone.

Smoothing sailing is a great way to consider how this stroller rolls around, the shocks are great for keeping your child from jostling and this is also something parents want. Being on the smaller side, some parents have issues lifting a 50 lb stroller into and out of their car and with the Jogger City Versa, the weight is no issue for anyone to grab up and store away, what a relief is that?

Take everything said into consideration when if you choose this stroller. The perks are worth the price to get great storage, a smooth ride for the little one, comfortable seating and the forward/backward facing options even when folding the stroller.

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