Best All Terrain Double Stroller Reviews for 2018- Side By Side


As a parent, you want everything you use for your baby to be perfect. You want quality performance at rock bottom prices. When you go to purchase a stroller you want the best in safety and comfort for your child at the right price. If you’re a runner or a jogger, it can be tough to choose the double stroller that will do the best without actually trying them all out yourself. Here we’ve polled many parents who use their strollers for running and jogging and to make decisions like this easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best all terrain double strollers in 2017 here in one convenient place for your review. Making an informed decision has never been easier.

#1: BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller Review 

The Bob Revolution Flex Duallie stroller offers up padded handlebars with 9 adjustment positions which make it ideal for any height parent. This is a huge bonus if parents are of differing heights. With swivel front wheels and excellent maneuverability, it has a forward lock for improved stability when jobbing or on rough terrain. The folding system is fairly easy and in just two steps this little unit is all folded up and ready to go.

An interesting feature of this Flex Duallie is that it has state of the art suspension that you can readily adjust to help smooth out the ride. With ultra-padded and adjustable reclining seats there is a comfortable position for any child. The five point harness keeps baby or toddler securely in the stroller so that parents can relax and enjoy their walk.

According to parents, this stroller is easy to push, easy to fold up and stow and it has plenty of storage for all of the things that parents and babies need. Mesh pockets behind the seats offer extra storage for the extras that may be needed. The biggest complaint is that the snack tray and the handlebar console are both sold separately and don’t come with the stroller unit.

#2: BOB Stroller Strides Duallie Fitness Stroller Review

This imported Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie is an ideal choice for parents who are into keeping fit. With swivel front wheels that offer up superior maneuverability, the wheels can also be locked into the forward position for steadiness. Again, a two-step folding process is quick and easy however, the frame itself is rather heavy. This unit also comes complete with the adjustable suspension; ideal for adjusting the unit for a smoother ride.

One of the best features according to harried moms is that the stroller turns on a dime and is very easy to steer. Unfortunately, this Stroller Strides also requires separate purchases for the infant car seat adapter or the snack tray. That seems to be the biggest complaint however and most parents wouldn’t trade their stroller unit for that reason.

The adjustable seats in the Fitness Stroller are ideal for a growing family. A few parents have even stated that they have a 5 year old on the footrest and the 2 year old is in one seat and the 4 week old in the other. Apparently some creativity has made this unit very popular with larger families. Another bonus is that it’s easy to repair if it does breakdown in any fashion (flat tire etc.), as the parts are readily available in most bike stores.

#3: BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller Review 

Swivel front wheels are a great thing to have on a stroller and the Revolution SE Duallie is no exception. They are easy to lock forward and improve the stability if you’re on the straight of way or if you’re not going to make a lot of turns. You can also leave them to swivel and turn the unit on a dime if you’re taking on more of a challenging terrain or doing a lot of corners. Whether you’re jogging or strolling, you’re sure to enjoy your ride with his tough unit.

Two step folding and an easy lightweight frame make for ideal transport and storage. You’re sure to appreciate the state of art suspension of this Revolution that is readily adjustable and allows for an extra comfortable ride for everyone. Jogging or when the terrain turns tough. Baby will appreciate the smoother ride and you will appreciate not having quite so many bumps.

The fabric seems to wear well and the ultra-padded seats are adjustable so that each child can be comfortable. It’s really easy to wipe the seats clean and focus on what really matters, having fun. This stroller holds up to 80 pounds although many have reported that they readily take 3 kids in the unit and the combined weight is up to 100 pounds. It may vary with the use of the unit and positioning of each child. According to many parents, the one handed steering is the best feature of all.

#4: Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Review 

This Baby Trend Expedition is made up from plastic, metal and of polyester. With front swivel wheels it is easy to maneuverer and uses pneumatic bicycle tires. Most parts (should any break) are readily available in any bicycle shop. The shade canopy is ideal for baby and parents will love that the unit comes with a ‘parent tray’ that has 2 cup holders in it. An added bonus is that it also has MP3 speakers that will plug into speakers for parents.

Baby will be safe in the Double jogger with a five point harness system. Comfortable adjustable seats are ideal for infants to toddlers and the canopy offers a nice shade for baby. Basket offers up plenty of storage and room for anything mom or dad need plus whatever baby requires means that if you need it with you, you can take it and be ready for anything that might come your way.

The biggest complaint about this Expedition is that there seems to be some issues with shaking in the front of the stroller. One parent read up on it and tried tightening the front wheel with a wrench and some pliers to ensure that there wasn’t a gap, but it still somehow would shake at certain times. The solution he discovered was that if you lock the front wheel into position, the shaking stops. Hopefully that will help someone who already owns the unit or if you’re considering purchasing one you can then make this adjustment.

#5: BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller Review

The BOB Sport Utility is ideal for many uses. Its fixed front wheels offer improved stability if you’re hiking or jogging. A two-step folding system is fairly easy and its lightweight frame is easy to store and transport. Adjustable suspension offers up plenty of stability and a smoother ride. Plush seats offer up plenty of cushioning for baby or toddler and the five point harness is adjustable to help keep baby or toddler in their seat safely. It’s easy to adjust and use the seats in a few different positions and baby will be sure to enjoy the ride.

Of course, there are always a few cons to any stroller and this one is no exception. You’ll have to buy a separate accessory adapter for the Sport Utility if you want to use a car seat or a snack tray. Another complaint is that if you’re running or jogging and you go to turn this unit, you can’t keep all three of the wheels on the ground. You’ll have to sort of tilt it as you’re running if you don’t want to break stride around a corner. It also has breaks so when you’re going downhill, you can slow down or stop if you need to.

The Sport Utility Duallie is an ideal choice for busy families who want to get out and go somewhere. Plenty of storage lets you keep what you need handy without cluttering up handlebars, or knee space for your running or jogging. Baby will have everything he or she needs easily within your reach and you can rest assured that you’ll have what you need with you when you need it. Easy steering makes this a huge favorite for many parents.

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