Best Strollers For 3 Babies or Toddlers in 2018


Parents of multiples often have difficulty locating a stroller unit. There are a few out there that will hold 3 or 4 babies or toddlers. Whether you have multiples, or several children under the age of 4 you’re sure to need a stroller that you can rely upon and use on a daily basis. You’ll want to read the pros and the cons of each model listed below in our Best Strollers for 3 Babies or Toddlers, and make an educated decision of what features each of these models have before you go out and look for your new stroller in 2017. From five point harness systems to keep your child buckled in safely, to whether or not the stroller will accept a car seat and if you’ll need an adapter to use your car seat are all important features in a stroller unit. You want to be assured that your child will be safe, that you can carry things with you that you might need such as from the diaper bag or snacks.

Best for 3 Babies: Valco Baby Tri-Mode Twin EX Stroller Review

The Valco Baby Tri Mode stroller is an ideal option if you have multiples to fit into a stroller unit. With five point harness straps and a one touch recline set up you’re sure to find a seating position for each of your children that you plan to take along in the stroller. An adjustable handlebar helps for parents who are different heights or simply prefer the handle to be in a different position. The unit is easy to fold down and transport but since it is set up for four children the unit is much heavier than the other strollers out there on the market today. You’ll need both hands to lift the unit into the vehicle.

Front wheels lock and unlock easily and they will also swivel. This helps when traveling on areas that have a lot of curves or when taking on hilly or rocky terrain. Many parents like that the unit has locking wheels but there is no hand brake which is an often heard complaint about the Valco Baby Tri Mode stroller. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy to maneuver and drive. While the unit is rather pricey, it’s well worth the investment if you’re going to be traveling a lot and if you have more than 2 children who you need to put into a stroller. Having so many children in one unit can make the unit heavier to push but this model seems to go fairly easily when you consider the weight of 4 children.

It’s very easy to set up and dismantle the Joey seat. This is an important feature if you’re going to be adding and using it on occasion. Many parents state that they like that as it can be taken anywhere including on the bus and other public transportation. An added bonus is that there is also a rain canopy on the Twin X Stroller and it also includes a hand tire pump, which will be handy to have on hand should you have a flat or a low tire.

Best for 4 Babies: Angeles Infant Toddler Stroller (4-Passenger) Review

The Angeles Infant Toddler SureStop stroller will hold 4 passengers. If you’re a family of multiples this is a nice unit that looks very attractive. However, it’s worthy of note that the unit is 77 pounds so you’re going to have your work cut out for you if you’re planning on doing a lot of pushing of this unit with 4 kids in the stroller. With its unique ‘no roll technology’ and a comfort brake system, you’re sure to have plenty of fun in this stroller. The brake system is easy to use and will hold the stroller in place indefinitely.  It takes three steps to fold it up for storage and again, the weight at 77 pounds may be a factor for a young mom to lift it in and out of the car while corralling her 4 little ones.

Many parents call the Sure Stop Folding Commercial Bye Bye unit the Hummer of strollers. Large enough to hold plenty of little ones and made with quality components and fabric. It’s easy to assemble and readily fits through most doorways. Thanks to the size of the stroller unit itself, you don’t have to worry too much about even weight distribution if you have varying ages of your toddlers. You can put them in how they best get along and should be just fine. Some parents prefer to put the heavier children in the back as it seems to be a bit easier to push this way but it’s really up to each individual and won’t make a huge difference. The seats are easy to recline and have a great harness system to help hold in those wiggly little ones who are so curious. One drawback of this unit however, is that it clearly states inside of the stroller (on a sewn in sign) that it isn’t for infants. You’ll have to add in a full body cuddler (available through Eddie Bauer) if you want to put an infant in this unit. One parent even included an infant travel pillow to help cradle the baby’s head and neck. While it can be done, it’s not recommended.

The Toddler Sure Stop Folding stroller itself drives easily and has swivel wheels that easily turn or lock into position. There is some storage space on the unit as well so you can take along whatever you may require on your walk or trip. You’ll appreciate the finer things in life as you navigate the road and trails with this unit. They weren’t kidding when they dubbed it the Hummer or Cadillac of all strollers. It looks classy and it glides like a dream. You’re sure to appreciate the time the manufactures put into creating the most dynamic stroller unit ever. It’s easy to wipe clean and you can easily unfold it for use.


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