Best Twin Car Seat Frame Double Stroller Reviews for 2018


If you’re a new parent looking for the best twin car seat frame for 2017, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite twin car seat frame strollers for you to look over and review. We’ve taken a lot of the guess work out of deciding which stroller unit to buy and we’ve answered some of the more common questions that parents are asking before they buy a stroller for their twins. If you’re looking for some specific features you may find them in these models.

#1: Baby Trend Universal Double Snap N Go Stroller Frame Review

One of the best things about this Baby Trend stroller is that it accepts two infant car seats. Not all double strollers will take 2 infant car seats so this is a huge bonus to all parents of twins. With a large cradle shaped frame it’s ideal for all car seats. Children will appreciate the stadium style seating as they get older and the parents get 2 cup holders along with a great covered storage compartment. It also boasts a unique drop down storage basket which makes it easy to grab what you need without having to rifle around looking for things.

This Universal Double Snap N Go stroller is easy to fold and open. One of the biggest complaints about this particular stroller is that the seats don’t snap in readily, in fact, one parent said that the seats just sit upon straps that hold them in place and she didn’t feel that her child was secure enough in the unit to use it. Other parents have stated that they didn’t have an issue so it may be a specific style car seat issue that she is having. Always check to ensure that your specific car seat will work with the unit before you purchase the unit.

Easy to steer and it takes corners well, the Snap N Go Stroller Frame will make you fall in love with how easy this unit pushes. No need to put a lot of effort into it so you won’t come home feeling like your shoulders have had a huge work out which is great if you’ve been carrying baby around and are needing a break.

#2: Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller Review

If you’ve ever wanted to ‘build your own system’ this is it. The Chicco Car Seats will take two of the Number 1 rated Key Fit or Key Fit 30 car seats. The rear will fully recline for a bassinet enclosure or a car seat can be readily attached. The front is an exclusive fold front seat with car seat attachment as well. Just to keep things simple, it has a convenient, easy one hand fold unit and an automatic storage latch to make things simple. However, it’s rather heavy so you’ll probably have to put some effort into lifting the unit into a vehicle. Also, it folds down rather quickly and you can easily catch a finger in the unit as it drops into a fold. Best to leave it on the ground and allow it to collapse onto the ground.

Each seat of the Chicco Cortina holds up to 40 pounds of weight so it’s ideal for infant to toddler stage. You won’t have to buy another stroller when you choose this unit. Parents will love the parent tray. The handle is easy to adjust which is great when parents are of differing heights. It’s easy to push and it easily fits into most mini vans.

 The seats are large and comfortable for older children so it’s an ideal choice for parents of toddlers. Easy to clean and care for this Together Double Stroller is going to last a very long time. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of this one. It’s also very easy to wipe clean so you won’t have to worry about waiting for seats to dry or what baby might happen to spill on the stroller.

#3: Joovy Twin Roo Car Seat Stroller Review

This clever Joovy Twin Roo stroller had parents in mind. This one gives you a unique one of a kind side mount system that will let you access the stroller without having to deal with the handle in your way. A small wheel base offers up trouble-free handling and effortless maneuverability. No back breaking trying to avoid handles or canopies with this clever feature.

Easy to fold with one hand and great front wheel suspension make this Joovy unit a favorite, but they didn’t stop there. They also included rear brakes, swivel wheel locks and a very large storage basket for all of your needs. No need to ‘pack light’ because you can’t fit everything that you might need into the stroller. You’ll have everything at your fingertips when you choose a Joovy.

An excellent choice for twins, the Twin Roo is easy to use and Chicco car seats easily fit into the unit. If you’re looking for models that the Chicco car seats fit into you, definitely want to consider this roo unit. The stroller is so easy to drive that you can use one hand. This makes it easy to sip your drink or tend to baby if you need to while on the walk. It works well for newborn to toddler so you’ll be sure to have what you need as your child grows.

#4: Peg Perego Duette Atmosphere Review

If you’re seeking a Stroller Chassis that steers effortlessly, you’ve found it. This unit offers easy steering and has a great travel system that works well with two stroller seats or two of the Primo Viaggio seats that are sold separately. With four reclining positions you’re sure to find a position that works well for your needs. You can also position the seats so that they face front to rear, or so that they face each other.

The large storage basket in the Peg Perego Duette makes it easy to keep what you need handy for baby or yourself. There’s plenty of room for everything in this stroller and you’ll find many uses for the basket and storage areas. From toys to bags and more you’re sure to have everything there when you need it.

Easy folding means that you won’t have to struggle to collapse the Duette and stow it away. You can readily collapse it and put it in the car or van so that you’re ready to go when you need it. It’s also easy to open up and will be ready to go when you are. It’s fairly lightweight so no need to injure your back putting this one away in the car or van.

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