Cheap Jogging Stroller Reviews for 2018 (Value for Money!)

best cheap jogging stroller

Not all strollers are the best for your family, it is important to buy a stroller that fits the needs and finances of each unique situation. Remember that even if some particular brands are out of your price range there is still plenty of options and good but cheap jogging strollers on the market and don’t give up hope with your desire to have the best for your little one.

#1: Baby Jogger City Mini Single – Best Cheap Jogging Stroller


Safety of course is top priority always when we put our children into a stroller. Vented seat top to increase airflow within the stroller so your little one can breathe easy and retractable weather cover keeps weather off your child while cruising in the Jogger City Mini. Naturally, there is a five point safety harness with shoulder pads and a buckle cover so if the buckle gets hot it does not hurt your child. The City Mini allows up to 50 lbs, but we do not recommend it for fast pace jogging despite its name.


Comfort is important especially when you plan on spending a lot of time using a stroller. Its lightweight design is perfect for running errands or all day escapades in the lush forest. The padded seat reclines to a near flat position in only one step and is 16.8 pounds which is a fantastic weight. With extra padding on the straps little one will be more comfortable while sitting for long periods of time, which by the way does not account for whether he/she wants to sit for a long time!

Additional Features

There are many features that enhance this wonderful stroller. Mesh seat top and retractable weather cover, an 8 inch quick-release wheel with plenty of suspension. The lockable swivel is for long distance walking and plenty of storage. The storage includes a seat back storage area and another under the seat. Rear parking brake is really convenient and this stroller maintains every safety standard. Very stylish in black and grey this stroller will carry your little one around in style.

Overall Rating – 5.0./5.0

Parents all over the United States are extremely happy with the Jogger City Mini. The additional features are numerous and the City Mini. Parents feel safe with their children in the Mini and are comfortable taking their kids wherever they need to go whether it is to the mall for an errand, out on a exercise filled walk, or around the neighborhood with friends.

#2: Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller


This Graco stroller is amazing! The stroller offers a completely safe way to connect an infant car seat, letting you know it is secure when you hear the “click.” The SnugRide holds a baby up to 35 lbs and is a lightweight design built with strength and endurance. A very interesting and exciting aspect to this stroller is the reflectors on the child’s tray and wheels, as they add extra safety during times of low-light visibility.


Want a peaceful ride with great suspension? Great! Because the SnugRide gives air-filled tires for comfort while your little one is walking with you. The SnugRide offers padded stroller seat that allows baby to nap in a multi-reclining position. How exciting is it that you can comfort and hold your little one while folding this stroller with just one hand? Now that is efficiency.

Additional Features

The Graco SnugRide offers a swivel wheel that transition from daily walking to jogging with ease as you change scenery. This stroller gives more bang for your buck when it can be used with neat duality as you go from the traditional stroller to a high performance easily maneuvered all-terrain stroller. Easily folded, this stroller gives you a clearly marked red strap to pull and the stroller folds down with no hassle. Yay, for the smartphone cradle that clips your phone securely so you can comfortably listen to music while you run around with your little one. When it comes to storage you can never have too much and this stroller gives an extra-large storage basked and a parent’s tray with two deep cup holders. The child try and comes with the SnugRide pivots out of the way for getting your child in and out quickly and comes with storage for little entertainments for the little one and a cup holder.

Overall Rating 4.75/5.0

Fashionably fantastic, the Gotham style goes with any uniquely dressed mom and baby! Mom’s love the sleek look plus the fantastic features, safety rating, and comfort this SnugRide brings to both mom and baby.

#3: Kolcraft Sprint X Jogging Stroller


The Kolcraft Sprint X Jogger can hold a child up to 50 lbs and is considered a top stroller in safety and offer strong suspension with 12 inch inflatable wheels to keep baby from bouncing all over the place while walking on rough terrain. Children are held securely in their seat belts while you walk through malls, down sidewalks, or through forests.


Since the 16-inch inflatable tires help support easy suspension the swivel wheel locks for the uneasy terrain. The removable child tray gives you a toy steering wheel to keep baby entertained while your cruise around and two cup holders help keep your child’s drink nearby him or her for easy access. The child seat is multi-positioned reclining and will give your child the ability to nap if they want to.

Additional Features

This stroller has a parent tray for cups and a safe place for phones or iPods. The Sprint offers a large space for storing those necessary items every little one needs.

Overall Rating 4.5/5.0

The Kolcraft Sprint X is a fantastic choice for the little ones you love and want to protect. It is always exciting and helpful to listen to music while you cruise with your little ones and having the music player for you and your children is fantastic. Parents are happy with the strength and durability of this stroller and we want you to know it is an amazing choice for your stroller choice.

We hope that our reviews of the best jogging stroller for the money was helpful to you. Read more about factors to consider when choosing a cheap jogging stroller here.

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