How To Create A Baby Shower Invitation In An Exciting And Enjoyable Manner


Are you interested in discovering how to create an almost perfect baby shower invitation in an exciting and enjoyable manner? If you answered yes to this question, then, this is the most important article you will ever read. The reason being that while you can easily get the following done in creating a baby shower; find a location, organize a guest list, order a cake and so on, the baby shower invitation will go a long way in impressing your invitees to either grace the occasion or not.

Thus, crafting an almost perfect baby shower invitation is very important. In this article, I am going to use the footprint method of creating a baby shower invitation. This is because the lure of tiny baby footprint is irresistible, thus, enticing invited guests to the bay shower.

To create a baby shower footprint invitation, the following 4 methods can get your creative juices flowing;

  1. Printed – in this method, the shadow of the baby footprint is used to make the design. The heel, toes and side of the foot will appear. It will thus seem that the baby marched into the ink and stepped on the card with its feet. This method requires a clip art, a stamp, a real baby or a free hand sketch of the baby. The clip art can be found online using search engines.

To create an impression of someone leaving the print and walking into the card, a series of footprints can be made with different range of sizes from the large sizes to the smaller ones. The information being sought can then be placed directly above this, this is because attention can be attracted this way.

  1. Stamps – stamps of different sizes can be bought online or from the nearest local store. Stamps have become a standard among businesses that make baby shower invitations with footprints. For example; printers and crafters. Stamps can sure add spice to the beautification of the invitation. This is because lots of variables can be moved around until a design that perfectly suits is achieved. The variables include color, stamp size, paper etc.

For example, while pink colors are for girls, blue are for boys. a tiny border made up of footprints is stamped all around the invitation. This doesn’t have to be fancy, just stamp around and enjoy the excitement that comes along with doing this. This is the fun part trust me.

Another option is to buy a large stamp and stamp right in the middle of the invitation. After which you can color away using colored pencils in an enjoyable manner. This surely adds to the joy of the occasion.

  1. Embossing – in this method, a professional printer is paid to do 2 things, one, emboss the baby footprint on the paper and all the cards and two, raise the footprint in the paper. Thus, we can safely say that this method involves raising the baby footprint from the page. Using a pure white piece of paper to emboss a baby footprint makes the shower invitation very attractive.

to do this yourself, follow the following 4 steps, 1. Procure an embossing powder from the stamp or craft store. To make your work stand out, use gold or silver embossing powder. Also, buy the stamp and some ink. 2. Stamp the invitation with the baby footprint stamp. 3. Pour some of the embossing powder on the stamped area before the ink dries you. This will make the embossing powder stick to the wet ink. 4. Hold the piece of paper over a light bulb to heat the powder. it will adhere to the paper as soon as it gets hot and melts.

There you have it, a very elegant gold embossed baby footprint shower invitation.

  1. Cut Out – this method requires the following; a stiff paper, a pencil and a baby footprint

Use the pencil to outline the baby footprint and cut. Speed is of the essence here to make for uniformity. On the cut out baby footprint, all your vital information (for example location) can then be written.

The chief reason for doing all this is to be excited. But in order not to get bored, get too tired along the way or get tardy, invite over a few of your fun loving friends whom you are sure will  lend a helping hand.

A plus from all the above is that the designs and decorations will serve a lasting memory and can be modified a few times either for your next baby showers, for a close friend or for a relative. Either way, what you have enjoyed doing will last a life time.


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